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I am a 19 year old American. In game, I am known as Stelly. Otherwise, I am known as Stelly.

(The Good) I have played ArmA for 6 years, and I hold proficiency in the following:

-Piloting an A-10 (Mk 82 Armament)
-Piloting a Transport Helicopter
-Piloting a Cobra Gunship
-Piloting a Camel
-Use of piloting instruments
-Ground Transport
-Auxiliary Gun/Turret Operation
-Long guard shifts
-Urban Operations
-AT Tactics
-Reconnaissance Missions
-Small Team Commanding

(The Bad) However, my skills in the following are in need of improvement:

-Sniper Missions
-Squad Command
-Shilkas, man. I hate Shilkas

I'm a quiet, relaxed guy. For example, if someone decides to commandeer for himself a Gunship Helicopter during a 48th Airborne meeting and fires an AGM into the center of said meeting, I would compliment the gentleman on his use of fine piloting, accuracy, and subterfuge. However, I would at the same time heavily discourage him from repeating any such action. Otherwise, I follow orders to the letter and keep a low profile.


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