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Post  CrazyJoe on Fri 20 Jul - 19:43

Hey guys, just wandering that I'm new to this clan and I wont be here with you guys until Sunday, but this is my info.
I live in Dallas,Texas, My name is not Joe its really Sebastian Vang, my age is 16 and im a really funny guys in games I get excited when I play in clans such as in arma. But now I guess I'm in the clan and I figure that I might know everyone who is in the clan and how they are feeling so if anything happens just PM me or add me to steam probeanator to contact me in arma.
My favorite skill is Sniping the most cause its really easy to see how far or how close an enemy is to your members of the clan or friendly's, that I have to watch out for in the battlefield you know. Thats all I have to tell please reply if comments are bad or good and thanks.

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