Realism and Required Op!!!

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Realism and Required Op!!!

Post  Noah Brown on Thu 2 Aug - 4:23

One of our members, Night Stalker, has developed a awesome and extremely realistic operation. It is a whole campaign taking place in Sahrani, we do multiple tasks to conquer All of Sahrani. As I'm giving you many days warning, I expect everyone there. It will be on Saturday, August 4th at 6:00 PM American Eastern Standard time. I expect You all to use clock converters to
Find out what time it is in your time zone as I may not be able to reply fast enough. Also, tomorrow, August 2nd, we will be playing Sahrani Life. Sahrani Life is a game Mode where you choose to be a Police Officer or Civilian. Civilians can start a business or get a job. If you start a business, it can be illegal or legal which makes it interesting. If you start a cartel or mafia, you can sell drugs and guns illegally. If you want to go the legal route, you can go into a fishing business, sell food, etc. getting food and water is essential for your life in the game. We ask that most people are civilians as we want less officers and more civilians so it's realistic. Police Officers help out law abiding citizens and enforce the laws in Sahrani. They can pull people over for speeding, running a stop sign, etc. they can ask civilians to hop out of a car so they can search them, etc. they can put felons in jail and put bounties on criminals heads. Also, Officers and Civilians can elect a Police Chief and Mayor, we will be playing at 3:00 PM American Eastern Standard Time. Yet again, please convert it to your time. The Required Op and Sahrani Life will both be held on our new Permanent server that has 48th in the title.

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Post  CrazyJoe on Thu 2 Aug - 6:15



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