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All Must Read!

Post  TylerZu on Thu 9 Aug - 12:24

Today i joined the server as a cop , none else was in so ive worked my ass off and usualy i bought the air factory
manufactoried a helicopter , then error showed up on the screen after that server crashed due to heavly error warnings in the server log file i check it out and found out the reasson and its , cops can go mine do work to earn extra money but there offical income is pay check but its the opposite for civillian where there income is like 500$ even less so they must go work in legal or might be illegal jobs , so im telling you guys if you are going to join cops team any time u can earn extra money but you MUST NOT BUY FACTORIES ! factories are set to be used in this case for civillians to be bought by and cops have to deal with civllian's to buy stuff from there factories such as helicopters , weapons , food i dont know, its set that so civ's can earn money by the money they earned to buy factory , im telling you to make deals with civ's to buy from there sources . anyways thank you for reading we do not want the server to crash again it has happend lots in this week thank's:).


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