Secret Mission

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Secret Mission

Post  CrazyJoe on Tue 14 Aug - 8:16

So Me and Noah Built a mission that IS HELLA AWSOME so I have 8 Slots for people to join this awsome battle and fight for U.S. like WW2 to Futer of Killers, so Please Reply so I can get this done by tomorrow or the next day so please reply back if you want to join.

[b]If anyone does not have ACE or ACEIP please download it cause it is a major Addon for our team to join any of are game I'll post My help that should help Anyone who does not have ACEIP with ACE...

First thing you do is (right click ACE shortcut), Second thing to do is (find the general Section),
The Third thing to do is (Find Target), The Fourth thing to do is click the very very end of the Letter so it should (look like this "C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\ArmA Armed Assault\arma.exe" -mod=@ACE;@aceip;), If you dont have a steam download it and and if you use a ShortCut Follow my Directions please we dont like NEWBS whos dont listen so here is the TIPS for ACE and ACEIP. I hope this helps and I hope people like (Boone),(Skully) and anyone else on the clan Reads this READ IT because this would help your Next Generation be more Accomplish! Thank you for reading this and I hoped it helped a lot and Dont Forget to Reply for the Ops Me and Noah Made please reply Please.


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Re: Secret Mission

Post  [48th]Andrei on Mon 20 Aug - 6:15

I want to join


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