Restrepo Military Documentary Film

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Restrepo Military Documentary Film

Post  Night Stalker on Sat 18 Aug - 7:39

A discussion between me and Noah about Hollywood war films reminded me of one of my favorite military documentaries of all time, Restrepo. It's a documentary published my National Geographic which follows a platoon from the 173rd Aviation Brigade Combat Team of the United States Army as it defends an Observation Post in the highly-volatile Korengal Valley in Afghanistan. It gives the viewer a really good idea about what it's like to be deployed to one of the hottest combat zones in the Middle East and I think it's a must-watch for anybody interested in the military.

I recommend that you click the link, set it to full-screen, and bump it up to 360p. So, without further adieu, here is the link to the full movie:

National Geographic: Restrepo
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