[pres] 48th Skipper

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[pres] 48th Skipper

Post  [48th] Skipper on Mon 20 Aug - 18:59


my in-game name is skipper.....because my friends called my skipper at the time i had a sportboat....so i decided to take that name.

My real name is Mike. I am living in germany near to düsseldorf or collogne. I startet gaming with a good old 64er, my Amigas (500,1200 and a 2000) are still here and yes....sometimes i still use them.
I am born 1968.....yes i am 43. but thanks godness...i am NOT the oldest guy here.

i love flying choppers, but you can also see my operating with tanks in missions with KIs. i am not stuck into a role- i love different
jobs. so sometimes i play the taxi, next day i am a lone wulf with a sniper-rifle, the day after i travel around with rep-truck and send my KIs back to base with the equiptment that was left on the map.....

PS: i stopped learning english about 26 years ago...so be patiente Embarassed
[48th] Skipper

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Re: [pres] 48th Skipper

Post  Urban Warrior on Mon 20 Aug - 19:22

Maybe not the oldest, just 2nd best. lol!

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