[Pres] Nikolai Travers

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[Pres] Nikolai Travers

Post  NikolaiTravers on Sun 23 Sep - 1:29

Hey everyone. I'm Nikolai, I'm 16, and Australian. I hate people to demand to play battlefield without vehicles, people who think grenade launchers are 'noobish' and believe our Navy should shoot the boat people boats out of the water ON SIGHT. Basically, I hate everything. Severe misanthropy. And depression. Zoloft sucks.

The idea is to be a flyboy in Arma. Love the UH-1 and can fly the other choppers ok. I prefer a pistol as a weapon, Makarov especially.

If you lot need someone to metaphorically spell-check things, I'm your man. I also love pizza.

Travers, out.


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Re: [Pres] Nikolai Travers

Post  Noah Brown on Sun 23 Sep - 3:51

Well said!
Noah Brown

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